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Many of us must make the difficult choice to buy a second home or invest their savings in order to have the most comfortable retirement. We make the choice of investing in real estate in order to plan for our older days. We therefore offer you to share with us the same experience …

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Tony Constantineau, co-owner

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Buy a Residence Boutique


Purchasing a property is making an investment in real estate by having a very good ratio between return on investment and risk. In addition, as the property belongs to you, it is possible to enjoy it as you wish. The idea is to have enough income to cover all expenses surrounding the residence, including payments on capital. This way, the initial capital investment needed is comparable to an investment in an RRSP. Both will have a much higher value 25 years down the road. In our case, this value corresponds to the value of the property which increases with the rate of inflation (2%). At the same time, our mortgage decreases as well. The two factors working together, the placement will offer a return of about 11%.

Here is an example to have a better understanding of your investment

Investment :162 500 $(25% of the value)
Value of the residence:650 000 $
Mortgage:487 500 $
Annual income:92 000 $(50% occupancy)
Annual expenses:88 000 $
Capital and interest:28 000 $(3% over 25 years)
Service charges:19 000 $(taxes, electricity, tel., etc …)
Expenses related to the property:27 000 $(maintains and supplies)
Broker Fees:14 000 $(15% of the income)
Value of Investment:1 066 324 $(after 25 years)
Return on Investment:11 %


Sell your residence

Our company stIMG_0010-minrongly believes in the value of rental residences. This is why we own the majority of our rental homes. Our goal is to acquire homes in resort area or apartments in major cities in North America . If you think that your home meets our criteria and it has a significant potential for income, do not hesitate to contact Tony and we will gladly discuss the possibilities of your home.

Join the family

SkoahYou are already renting a residence and you want to increase your income or you want to purchase a rental home without the hassle of managing it yourself… It is possible to join our banner so that our customers can have the greatest possible choices. At Residences Boutique, we believe that more we treat our customers respectfully, offering comfort and a variety of rental choices, the greater the impact will be to the pool of our homes . Unlike other brokerages , we will charge a minimum fee (15%) for sales management.  As a third party, it is not our main source of income . Our business model is based primarily on the fact that we manage our residences by maximizing revenues for each of our properties. That explains the minimal fee we charge. Adding a residence will bring our banner advertisment for all of our homes . This is what we believe to be a win-win partnership . Contact us for more details.